Particle Simulator

A simple particle "simulator" game made with Processing for a school project. Nothing original, but it was a fun game to program. It includes a simple game menu along with a variety of particles. Some particles have special properties that affect their movement while others combine to form new substances when they come in contact. Some in-game effects, like smoke, are also implemented as particles because of their expandable nature.


A decentralized, self-healing network framework designed for Starter Hacks 2020 with a group of friends. The main application is made in Java with the Kryo serialization library and is accompanied by a Django webserver to host a, currently static, website meant to display the network connections graph in the future. Linx is incomplete but has a functioning chat system where multiple clients can connect to a group of servers. Future development may occur in some form, but is not a high priority.


An in-development game about magic, exploration, and automation. It's a top down, tile based world that currently includes world generating, a chunk system, as well as tile entities and a simple player. It is written in Java with the libGDX library and gradle build system with future plans to become multiplayer, support the loading and saving of worlds, and having combat with enemies. While it is very (very) far from complete, I plan on working on it regularly and produce regular releases for others to play.